The Ecofin Sustainable Listed Infrastructure UCITS Fund aims to achieve a high, secure dividend yield on its investment portfolio and to realise long-term growth in the value of the portfolio while taking care to preserve capital.

Fund Stats as of 24/01/2022:

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The fund invests globally in the equity securities of growth-oriented economic infrastructure companies which are delivering increasing cash flows. The portfolio is diversified with respect to geography, sub-sector and investment themes, and it has a positive impact given the strategy’s focus on sustainability.

Strategy highlights

  • Investment in growth-oriented economic infrastructure companies whose shares are listed primarily on recognized stock exchanges in Europe (including the UK), North America and other OECD countries
  • Up to 10% of assets may be invested in companies with equity securities listed on stock exchanges in non-OECD countries

Tortoise believes that companies with a thorough understanding of, and strategy around, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are more capable of mitigating risks and enhancing their performance over the long term. Knowledge of ESG factors and risks and active ownership are, therefore, integral to the investment philosophy and process.

Business segments

Electric & Gas Utilities: Generation, Transmission & Distribution of Electricity, Gas and Liquid Fuels and Renewable Energies

Transportation Services: Roads, Railways, Ports and Airports

Water & Environment: Water Supply, Wastewater, Water Treatment and Environmental Services


Investment process integrates traditional detailed fundamental analysis and a thorough study of ESG factors which we believe may affect stock valuations and shareholder value.


Portfolios typically comprise of 40-50 holdings, each 1.25% to 5.0% of the total portfolio. Holdings do not exceed 8% of the portfolio by value and turnover is typically low.

Characteristics of investment universe

Economic infrastructure offers unique characteristics that make it an attractive asset class for investors

Fund Information

Launch Date

01 August 2019

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Share Classes

Retail (R), Institutional (I) both Accumulating and Distributing

Management Fee (Retail) 1


Management Fee (Institutional) 1


Management Fee (Founders, Share Class for Institutional Investors)


Minimum Investment (Retail)


Minimum Investment (Institutional)


Minimum Investment (Founders, Share Class for Institutional Investors)


Distribution Policy 2


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Luxembourg Subscription Tax Rate (Retail)


Luxembourg Subscription Tax Rate (Institutional)


Legal Structure


Redemption Settlement

3 business days


BNP Paribas Securities Services, Luxembourg Branch, 60, avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  1. Non-founder classes, per annum on the net asset value of the fund.

    Total expenses do not exceed 1.6% for the institutional and 2% for the retail share classes.

  2. For distributing shares, dividends will be declared and distributed quarterly

Tortoise Ecofin® Platform

The Tortoise Ecofin Platform focuses on sustainability and impact strategies, harnessing years of investment expertise in infrastructure, water and the energy transition theme, including listed and private renewable energy infrastructure.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our strategies align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals to help achieve sustainable energy and water sources.

Portfolio Exposure (% of NAV)

As of 31/12/2021

Top 10 Positions

Company % of Total
NextEra Energy*
Iberdrola Sa
Company % of Total
Sse Plc
Veolia Environment
Endesa Sa
American Electric Power
Drax Group Plc

Time Period

Net Performance as of 31/12/2021

Net Performance as of 31/12/2021

*The fund commenced operations on 6 August 2019.

Source: Bloomberg for S&P Global Infrastructure Index (SPGTIND)

Performance data quoted represents past performance; past performance does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance of the fund may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. Returns may increase or decrease due to currency fluctuations.

Tortoise Sustainable Listed Infrastructure Fund performance includes the effect of ongoing costs of the Fund (including the management fee), which are capped at 1.6% per annum for institutional investors, whereas the S&P Global Infrastructure Index (which is designed to track 75 companies from around the world chosen to represent the listed infrastructure industry while maintaining liquidity and tradability) does not apply a corresponding deduction for ongoing costs of a fund.  (The performance of an index is generally presented on a total return basis, i.e., assuming reinvestment of dividends net of withholding taxes using the tax rates applicable to non-resident institutional investors.)

The S&P Global Infrastructure Index shall not be considered as a benchmark in the sense of the Benchmarks Regulation, and Tortoise does not give any representation or warranty with its fitness for a particular purpose in comparative performance.

Ecofin Sustainable Listed Infrastructure UCITS Fund ESLIF


This Fund is passported in Luxembourg, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and France; access to information on this Fund is not intended for prospective European investors outside of these jurisdictions other than under a local regulatory exemption.


Information on this website is being issued by Ecofin Advisors Limited ("Ecofin UK", formerly known as Tortoise Advisors UK Limited), in relation to this Fund which Ecofin UK manages.

Ecofin UK is a leading investment management advisor within the Tortoise family, specialising in sustainability and impact investing globally across the energy transition value chain. It has been FCA regulated since 1992 and SEC registered since January 2006.

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