The fund seeks to provide a measurable decarbonization benefit by investing in companies riding on the high demand growth for clean electricity.

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The Ecofin Global Renewables Infrastructure UCITS Fund (EGRIU) invests in listed companies that own, develop or operate renewable electricity technology plants and systems, and related infrastructure investments. The fund seeks to provide a measurable decarbonization benefit by investing in companies riding on the high demand growth for clean electricity. The portfolio has a goal of generating long-term total returns through investment in sustainable initiatives in low-carbon power generation assets derived from a combination of capital appreciation and income over time.


  • Clear calculable impact in terms of CO2 emissions avoided
  • Effective displacement of dirty electricity generation by the cleaner generation of portfolio constituents
  • The fund is >66% cleaner than the respective grids in which the underlying companies operate*

$1 million investment implies the avoidance of 566 tonnes of carbon per year*

Equivalent to the emissions from:

  • 514 round-trip flights from New York to Los Angeles
  • 70.7 car trips around the world the world

As of 30 Sep 2021

Fund Information

As of 31/12/2021

Launch Date

31 December 2021

Fund AUM


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Management Fee (Institutional) 1

Class D (Founder) 0.60%



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Long-term total return


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S&P Global Infrastructure Index



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Société Générale Securities Services, Sgss (Ireland) Limited

  1. Per annum on the net asset value of the Fund. Other classes are available. Current NAV and performance is calculated based upon the Seeder Share Class fee of 0.50% and is available only to the Seed investor.

As of 31/12/2021

Total expenses for Institutional share classes will not exceed 1.55% per annum of the net asset value of the fund and 1.35% for Founder share classes.

* Source: Ecofin Advisors Limited

Portfolio Exposure (% of invested capital)

As of 15/12/2021

Top 10 Positions

Date % of Total
China Suntien Green Energy
NextEra Energy Inc.
China Longyuan Power Group
TransAlta Renewables
Date % of Total
Algonquin Power and Utilities
Edison International
EDP-Energias De Portugal

The Ecofin Global Renewables Infrastructure UCITS Fund ("Fund") is a newly-launched fund which does not have a full calendar year of performance. The additional information shown below is in relation to the Global Renewable Infrastructure strategy ("Strategy"), in respect of which this Fund is managed by Ecofin Advisors Limited but this does NOT constitute Fund performance; the Strategy has been managed by Ecofin Advisors Limited since November 2015, is provided for background information only as a composite calculation for the six year period through November 2021 and DOES NOT REPRESENT ACTUAL PERFORMANCE of this newly-launched fund.

Time Period

Annualised Net Performance as of 30/09/2021

Strategy monthly returns (net of fees)

Net performance provided in tabular form. Source: Ecofin Advisors Limited, Bloomberg. Strategy and index returns have been converted from USD to Euros as an illustration. Total return includes dividends paid, if any, and reinvested. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Returns may increase or decrease due to currency fluctuations. The Ecofin Renewable Infrastructure Unrestricted Composite (the "Composite") is a composite representing the Strategy (and NOT the Fund) as traded in pooled funds and to be traded in standalone managed accounts, excluding the standalone managed account which comprises part of a UCITS pooled fund. The Composite creation date is 1 February 2021 and the inception date is 30 November 2015. The Composite has been run in accordance with UCITS restrictions since September 2019. A reduction of 135 basis points per annum is included in the net performance figures to reflect the 1.35% per annum ongoing charges cap which will apply to the Founder share class.

Source: Bloomberg and Ecofin Advisors Limited.


Information on this website is being issued by Ecofin Advisors Limited ("Ecofin UK", formerly known as Tortoise Advisors UK Limited), in relation to this Fund which Ecofin UK manages.

Ecofin UK is a leading investment management advisor within the Tortoise family, specialising in sustainability and impact investing globally across the energy transition value chain. It has been FCA regulated since 1992 and SEC registered since January 2006.

Office: London

Access to information on this Fund is not intended for prospective European investors outside of these jurisdictions other than under a local regulatory exemption.

The Ecofin Global Renewables Infrastructure UCITS Fund is a newly launched fund and does not have a full month of performance.


Investments in the Fund should only be made following receipt of a copy of the full Prospectus, current Fund Supplement and relevant KIID, which may be obtained by contacting the Fund's Management Company, Equity Trustees Fund Services (Ireland) Limited and they are also available on the Ecofin website under UCITS. A subscription form can also be obtained from Equity Trustees Fund Services (Ireland) Limited.