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Ecofin Expands its Global Renewables Infrastructure Offerings with UCITS Fund

The Ecofin Global Renewables Infrastructure UCITS Fund (EGRIU) offers an additional vehicle for investor access and expands Ecofin’s current suite of sustainability and impact UCITS funds.

LONDON – June 8, 2022 – Ecofin, the sustainable investment firm, is pleased to announce the availability of the Ecofin Global Renewables Infrastructure UCITS Fund (EGRUI), focused on the rapidly growing migration of investment into renewable and related clean electricity infrastructure as a means to reduce global CO2 emissions.

Launched on December 31, 2021, EGRIU invests in listed companies that own, develop or operate renewable electricity technology plants and systems, and related infrastructure investments. EGRIU seeks to provide a measurable decarbonization benefit by investing in companies riding on the high demand growth for clean electricity. The portfolio has a goal of generating long-term total returns through investment in sustainable initiatives in low-carbon power generation assets derived from a combination of capital appreciation and income over time.

“Our investment team’s experience in managing assets in this manner for over six years is a competitive advantage and based on historic calculations of the Strategy composite, we were able to deliver double-digit annualized returns with lower risk than the market1, while providing a measurable decarbonization impact,” said Michel Sznajer, Portfolio Manager.

“In contrast with electricity costs generated with conventional fuels, renewable and clean electricity costs remain in a structural downward trend and are a key element of the solution to the energy crisis the world is experiencing,” said Matt Breidert, Senior Portfolio Manager. “This Strategy offers investors an opportunity to capitalize on the long shift towards clean electricity growing its share within the global energy mix.”

Key reasons to invest:

  • Access to the fast-growing decarbonization theme
  • Investment team has historically delivered strong performance with lower risk than the market1
  • Measurable impact on emissions reductions; AA ESG rating from MSCI (as 31 March 2022)

“We are putting capital to work alongside significant anticipated growth with intentions to optimize risk-adjusted returns to investors and maximize the measurable impact to society,” said Brent Newcomb, President - Ecofin. “With our Global Renewables Infrastructure Strategy composite history, launch of our U.S. 40-Act Fund last year, and expansion into a UCITS wrapper, we have a well-rounded base for investors across the global to access our strategy.”

Please click here to view more information on the Fund.

1Market refers to the MSCI ACWI Index and S&P Global Infrastructure Index. Source: Bloomberg and Ecofin Advisors Limited.

About Ecofin

Ecofin is a sustainable investment firm dedicated to uniting ecology and finance. Our mission is to generate strong risk-adjusted returns while optimizing investors’ impact on society. We are socially-minded, ESG-attentive investors, harnessing years of expertise investing in sustainable infrastructure, energy transition, clean water & environment and social impact. Our strategies are accessible through a variety of investment solutions and seek to achieve positive impacts that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals by addressing pressing global issues surrounding climate action, clean energy, water, education, healthcare and sustainable communities. Ecofin Investments, LLC is the parent of registered investment advisers Ecofin Advisors, LLC and Ecofin Advisors Limited (collectively "Ecofin"). To learn more, please visit www.ecofininvest.com.


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  • AAA, AA: Leader- The companies that the fund invests in tend to show strong and/or improving management of financially relevant environmental, social and governance issues. These companies may be more resilient to disruptions arising from ESG events.


  • A, BB, BB: Average- The fund invests in companies that tend to show average management of ESG issues, or in a mix of companies with both above-average and below-average ESG risk management.


  • B, CCC: Laggard- The fund is exposed to companies that do not demonstrate adequate management of the ESG risks that they face or show worsening management of these issues. These companies may be more vulnerable to disruptions arising from ESG events.

The Fund ESG Rating is calculated as a direct mapping of “Fund ESG Quality Score” to letter rating categories.

  • 8.6- 10: AAA
  • 7.1- 8.6: AA
  • 5.7- 7.1: A
  • 4.3- 5.7: BBB
  • 2.9- 4.3: BB
  • 1.4- 2.9: B
  • 0.0- 1.4: CCC

The “Fund ESG Quality Score” assesses the resilience of a fund’s aggregate holdings to long term ESG risks. Highly rated funds consist of issuers with leading or improving management of key ESG risks, based on a granular breakdown of each issuer’s business: its core product or business segments, the locations of its assets or revenues, and other relevant measures such as outsourced production. The “Fund ESG Quality Score” is provided on a 0-10 score, with 0 and 10 being the respective lowest and highest possible fund scores.

The “Fund ESG Quality Score” is assessed using the underlying holding’s “Overall ESG Scores”, “Overall ESG Ratings”, and “Overall ESG Rating Trends”. It is calculated in a series of 3 steps.

Step 1: Calculate the “Fund Weighted Average ESG Score” of the underlying holding’s “Overall ESG Scores”. The Overall ESG Scores represent either the ESG Ratings Final Industry-Adjusted Score or Government Adjusted ESG Score of the issuer. Methodology for the issuer level scores are available in the MSCI ESG Ratings Methodology document.

Step 2: Calculate adjustment % based on fund exposure to “Fund ESG Laggards (%)”, “Fund ESG Trend Negative (%)”, and “Fund ESG Trend Positive (%)”.

Step 3: Multiply the “Fund Weighted Average ESG Score” by (1 + Adjustment %).

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